“GREEN Atelier” was a special day of working non-formal exercises out-side

We start with a short summarize of workshop second day.

We did “Non-formal exercises for outside” (Theory) and the safety of learners in out-side process.

We spoke about theory on “The right exercise for the right learner at the right time” and we introduce to all participants the knowledge about Augusto Boal (Forum Theatre method), John Bergman, Saul Hewis theory and approaches;

We provide participants with green materials and we did a intercultural activity taking them to an outside place, to a traditional sheepfold. Here they could eat traditional food, hear traditional songs and also hear the “storyteller” which in our case was the shepherd.

We practice in small groups’ selection of exercises for a special target group, for a special part of day, for a special piece of informal delivery, for a special outside work.

Back into our learning place each group have the opportunity to try a piece of Forum Theatre that sits on the base of the non-formal method. It was a good way to practice Forum Theatre and to do an evaluation of the whole day through Augusto Boal methods.

Green day was a day of community work, our participants there were surrounded by learners form Vatra Moldovitei and Moldovita and Suceava county, it was a day in which the environment and waste management issues comes out because of the specific nature and it was a day in which our participants could see a beautiful “rainbow” that accomplish the theory of the workshop. Our Association proposed this workshop to take part in Vatra Moldovitei because in this place are the most beautiful rainbows after rain and because this can be a start in realizing with creativity more non-formal methods for the benefit of our learners.

For photos click here

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